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Khmer Transcription Services

Khmer, the official language of Cambodia is considered to be the second most widely spoken Austroasiatic language after Vietnamese. The modern Khmer language is believed to be evolved from 1800. At Certified Translations USA, we have a small team of Khmer linguist who can help you with your Khmer audio transcription or Khmer video transcription service.

We believe that communication is the Key that can bridge the gap and bring people closer. Our team of professional make it a habit to deliver the best for any project despite of the volume. This enabled us to be a key player in the sector. Our support team will be happy to answer any time to help your project to be completed as per your expectations.

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Khmer Translation services

Over centuries we have evolved and changed, one thing that remained throughout the time is the importance for communication. Our team of professional linguist are always available to help you out.

Certified translations USA have a team of expert Khmer linguist who can help you complete your Khmer audio/ video translation service with highest level of precision. We have redesigned the way transcription and translation industry work to ensure that you can kick start your project with ease. Our Khmer translation team can deliver your translation as

  • Khmer Legal Translation
  • Khmer Document Translation
  • Khmer Technical Translation
  • Khmer Website Translation
  • Khmer Online Translation

Verbatim Translation is the process of translating the audio file with all the fillers like uhm, aha , non-verbal sounds like laughter and so on. This kind of translation will give us a same feel of the occurrence in the audio/video file

In summary translation, our team of translators will listen to the entire audio and create a summary of it based upon your requirement.

Intelligent translation is the process of translating the audio file by excluding irrelevant part of the file like repeated words, fillers , grammatical errors and so on.

VOB, M4A, MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG, AIF, MOV, AMR, AVI, WMV, WAV and many more.